Green Team- Links to help!

Dear HAE family,

Our lunch recycle program is an important part of Harding Avenue Elementary.

Without volunteers, our children will return to using styrofoam trays and plastic utensils daily. The main task of our volunteers is a functional workout in which you take the trays back to the kitchen, once a class has been dismissed from the lunchroom. There is time to eat with your kindergartener before starting the task. There is also time to visit with children in other grades between classes.

Showing your kids that you care enough about their education and world to show up, despite your busy schedule (we know, everyone is busy!) is directly related to how your child thinks about school and their academic success now and for years to come.

We hope you consider signing up to keep this program alive. The volunteer shifts are from *11:55-1:00

Dedicated parents started this program about 8 years ago. Harding Avenue is the only school in the district with a recycling program, and we are well known for our green initiatives. The Green Team has helped teach our children the importance of recycling, and has reduced our lunch waste by more than 50%. Setting a good example and showing our students how and why to recycle ensures they have a better environment in which to grow.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas to keep this going.



Lindsey Fox

President, HAE PTA


Your PTA Green Team

Marian and Sam