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Room Helpers - info & ideas

Room Parents help by putting together their classroom directories and sending them out to the class via email and at the teachers' direction. Some teachers like help with ideas for class celebrations for fall, winter, Valentine's, birthdays and some have their own plan and just need a bit of assistance. No matter what, help from room parents can be done from home by setting up sign ups and requesting volunteers and the supplies needed for any party.

PTA will also be in touch with room helpers regarding special appreciation events for our teachers during the first full week of May. Room parents also sometimes reach out to other parents/guardians to collect money for an end of the year gift for their classroom teacher.

Top 10 Easy Classroom Party Ideas: Keep it Simple! - 3 stations usually suffice. Game station, Snack Station and Craft Station - kids rotate in groups.

Bingo! (multiple ideas and templates on Pinterest - we'll be keeping a few hard copies on hand in the PTA closet to make copies of - please ask if you need assistance)

Tic Tac Toe


Minute to Win it Games:

Bookmark making

STEM project to collect cards/make a decoration (more to come here-)

Snack Station: Something Salty, Something Sweet