Teachers and Staff

Classroom Grant Information: We include a $2000 line item in our budget every year for classroom grants. Applications can be found in the front office PTA box and returned to that box or directly to a board member for approval. If the grant request is more than $300, we'll bring the request to the next PTA meeting for a vote and approval by membership. If the request is $300 or less the board can review the grant and vote to approve.

Yearly Classroom and Program Start of Year Contributions: Each year the PTA provides all full time HAE Teachers and staff (or departments) with $50 to purchase new supplies. All part time HAE staff receive $25 for supplies.

We also include a budget line item to allow New Teachers and New to Grade teachers reimbursement of expenditures up to $150. This is intended to help our teachers when setting up brand new classrooms with new curriculum needs etc.

Office Staff

Stephanie Sedor - Principal

Samantha Quesenberry - Asst. Prin

Tami Snodgrass - Admin. Assistant / Bookkeeper

Sandy Weber - Clerical Aide

Kelly Grigg - School Counselor

Kelsi Jones - School Nurse

Alia Bussing

Judy Davis- Psychologist


Katie Byrd

Ashley Granados

Charlene Travis


Susan Bailey

Kelsey Tarpley

Amelia Tuckwiller


Tanya Bishop

Dana Day

Pamela Earles


Mark Jamison

Alicia Lloyd

Cristina Galban


Lindsey Hilling

Will Holliman

Megan Hensley


Anne Baggerly

Jennifer Gillen

Samantha Baldwin

Specialty Teachers

Ken Pease - Art

Caroline Gaskins - Reading

Liz Remchuk - Music

Juliet Rosso - Media/Library

Dan White - P.E.

Resource Teachers

Rachel Smith - Speech

Helen Fotinos - Gifted

Grace Carpenter - ESL

Ashley Racer-Special Education

Adrienne Ryder- Special Education


Susan Lindamood-Literacy/Math Aide

Emily Loda-Literacy/Math Aid

Kacey Bryant-Instructional Aide

Leeza Irvine - Instructional Aide

Cynthia Wimberley - Instructional Aide

Melanie Sites (Wall)-Instructional Aide

Robyn McNamara - Instructional Aide


Brian Light - Senior Custodian

Leda Albrecht - Custodian

Reily Snodgrass - Custodian

Sheri Linkous - Cafeteria Manager

Alice Altizer -Cafeteria

Amanda Moore - Cafeteria

Letechia Rose - Lunchroom

Mary Tucker - Lunchroom

The Link

Michael Trujillo - Program Coordinator

Tori Howard - Link Aide

Ella Swartz - Link Aide

Julia Stang - Link Aide

Kaelee Napier - Link Aide

Casey Martin - Link Aide